What's new in 15 December 2017 release



What’s new in 15 December 2017 release?

I didn’t see any thing related on website!

Can you please update?



Hi, just changed changelog!
Is about TinyMCE Improvements, now text editing works better!



could you please return link functionality to 2 column imageText2x2, in previous version it was working very good. All other Image/text and Image has link functionality and it works too. There is some mess in the app.js, lots of “\n”. Maybe something did not compile well.


Hi, did you check in demo version? There’s also this bug? Just checked on demo and it works good, maybe I miss something … could you see?


Hi, in themeforest version everything is working fine, no problems, but in one you provide for download it is not working properly, here is the link to check: http://mailbuilder.eu/v1/v3/

And see interface pictures attached.

Also here is the code from app/app.js

And one more from code:


Ok Thank you very much, I found out the problem, will update very soon!

If you found another bugs, please let me know before updating it on Codecanyon :slight_smile:



Everything else seems to be functioning perfect, waiting for update :slight_smile:


Just updated, waiting for Codecanyon moderation!