Responsive & IE support


We have couple of quick questions.

Does it support IE browsers ? (It looks like Drag & Drop Email Template Builder supports IE, but it looks like you guys are not supporting that anymore correct ?)

The HTMLs that created doesn’t seem to be responsive. Are they responsive ? (Maybe we are doing something wrong)


Hi Esra,
Yep, we didn’t test it deeply but core functionally works very well :wink:
It’s right, we don’t support it anymore, but as you can see we can help you here, in this forum!

Yes, it’s responsive, you can try to drag another block in demo and check again, default example is not a good example ))



It looks like it doesn’t work on IE. What needs to be modified in order to make work on IE ?
It is pretty critical for us. ( doesn’t work on IE either


Hi @esra,
Can you show me a screen how looks this site on your IE browser?


Hello! I am having a problem on EDGE, the builder loads but it is not possible to edit text inside the content, the tinymce editor dissapears immediately, and it is not possible toa dd nor edit the module text, is there any fix? this is really important


Any update on the above matter?