Random Suggestion


I’ve been working on a few email apps with the saas company I am employed by. My job is mainly app testing, we found that there are not a lot of great editors out there for writing normal emails (ie, not newsletters).

Typically using something like tinymce as a text editor for an email app can mess with delivery rate - example:

Message only has text/html MIME parts
You should also include a text version of your message (text/plain)

It would be really great if you built a text editor specifically for writing normal emails built for perfect delivery.

Just an idea


Hi @systronicseu,
Thanks for your suggestion, haven’t thought about that before!

As I understand, you suggest to have a block within email body which contain just text (text/plain)?

Or you suggest to build an email which contain just simple text, without any html? Like write a simple email to a friend.

As your job is testing apps like this, would be very great if you would share your experience with me, where the emails are stuck? what else would you suggest?

Thank you very much!