Outlook 2007 email breaks


I know it’s mega old but I know heaps that use it.

I want to purchase this builder to integrate into our email sending app but I found that the email layout breaks.
I exported a email from your test app and added the html to mailchimp + a general email editor.

In both occasions it appears like the attached example

Can you let me know your suggestions so i can quickly buy and start integration


Hi @systronicseu,
Yes you’re right, it’s mega old ))) I can’t recommend using it till the new version will come, the problem is in MJML version which is using right now - it’s also a old one!

I could recommend you the new one builder, based on Angular 6 this use the latest version - p.s. It’s in Beta yet!

Otherwise, there could be some issue.


I took a look at your new builder, its nice but sadly we need something soon :slight_smile:

When will your beta be fit for production?

Will you be updating the MJML version in your existing editor, if so when do you expect?


Hi @systronicseu,
It’s already ready now, waiting for someone to integrate in a real project and see what issues could appear and what custom options could I integrate. Documentation is still in progress, unfortunately I don’t have enough time for doing this, that’s why I give a free month for support, to help integrating it.

Yes, of course, I’m in progress now for updating the AngularJS version, there’re few steps till finish, next is going to be current version.


Fantastic, Thank you!
I’ll keep a look out for the updated DnD in Code Canyon.

In the interim I could use your beta in one of our projects to provide some feedback- I’ll try and get back to you


Hey Wlocal

Will there be a Jquery version of this editor? https://codecanyon.net/item/angular-drag-drop-email-builder/19308579?

Or will you be updating the jquery version with latest MJML? I can’t wait to use it in our app… I’ve been delaying the project a little in hope of using your editor :slight_smile:


Hi @systronicseu, of course this version also will be updated to use the latest MJML version!
I don’t think that there will be design update, most of updates are going to be in functionality, browser support and make the integration process in another projects more easy.

Thank you for waiting, but I still don’t know when it’ll be ready.


No worries, I’ll buy the angular version and try to integrate it into our app.
If it fails I’ll just have to wait to purchase the other :slight_smile: