MJML migration to v4, certain elements and properties will not work anymore

Hello! yesterday the migration to mjml seems to be completed, and the element location does not work anymore, as also some css properties are required to be compatible
(for example, line-height will accept only px and percentages)

Is there any update on the builder? all of our templates with the location element are broken now, and it is not possible to save their html.


Hello @Lievano93,
I’m going to make an update soon and I will remove the location block if it’s not supported.

One solution for you to support the templates you have (even with location), is to run your own server with an old MJML package. I really advise you to do this, as we can’t predict what other changes would appear in the next MJML version.

That is why in Angular version we run our own server with the right MJML version. I could run one for this version as well, but I’m afraid that would be for a small fee monthly!