MJML Html problem


Hi there
I think there is a problem with the mjml api
If I send a json template that has lots of elements the json that returns
comes back as an error and the html gets cut in the middle
this only happens when the json is big
Do u know how to solve this ?
it is impossible to use the builder like that


Insert here your big json file!


Well not sure whats going on
sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t
This is a really big problem


Maybe something is wrong with their API sever.
You can start your own server with nodejs, look in server.js, there’s a compile path for example!


Ok I found the problem,
It is in the config file, the elemnts with text and images
had doublw quates “” at the style of the text attributw,
now everything worls great !!!
Tnx for a great plugin