Licensing questions



  1. We want to purchase the source code rights to the software, change it as per our needs, and potentially resell the changed version. We can pay you a license fees every time we re-sell the modified version. Is such a license available?

  2. Which version of Angular do you currently support?

  3. Does it include the ability to add data fields which then get substituted with data from database prior to the emails being sent? (similar to mail merge tags). If not, is this something easy to do?

Thank you for any information.



Hi @sunilkosuri, thank you for your questions!
Sorry for my late response, unfortunately I wasn’t available for a long time, now I’m here!

  1. I don’t have this kind of license but we can make it, if you have an example of this kind of license, I’ll happy to sign it.
  2. Currently I’m supporting Angular 1 version, still don’t know when I’ll finish the 6th version. I’ve started it.
  3. Yes, you can add another placeholders to text editor, there’s nothing hard to do.

Will be happy to work together!

Ion Prodan


My apologies for the late response. We are interested in moving forward and hope we can work out a deal together.

Can we meet online? If you are interested, please send me your email address to and I will set up an online meeting to discuss further details.



Ok, see you soon then!


Ok, did you send an email to me? I haven’t received any email yet with your email address.


Hm yes, maybe it’s in Spam.
Anyway if there’s nothing, my email address is

Waiting to hear back from you.


Hi Ion Prodan,

We too have similar request like Sunil. Please let me know your cost as well, probably a customised one for db mail merge.( for angular 5 and above)



Hi @saravanansoft,
I got it, please leave your requirements about Angular 5 and above in this topic. Thanks!