Integration with Django backend



I got some questions regarding a possible integration:

Do you have an estimation on the complexity to integrate your project with a Django backend?
Do you have documentation on how to integrate it with a new backend?
Which version of NodeJS Server are you delivering your project with?

Thanks for your answers.

Best .
Vlad .


Hi Vlad,
Basic functionality is on the frontend, so you can use any backend as you want, you’ll need only to process all requests for uploading images (if you want to save them on your server), save emails or delete, all these request you can manage as you want!

Nope, I don’t have a good documentation, that’s why I have this support forum, sorry for that!

I use NodeJS only for developing, it doesn’t force you to use it too, I use node v8.9.1 and it works very nice!

Thanks for your questions!

Ion Prodan