Insert Html to the editor


How do I insert my custom html template to the editor and then edit it with the bloxks ?


Didn’t understand, what do you mean?


Lets say instead of using import function I want to insert my own HTML
Is there a way to do that ?
I saw that the import function asks for a json file
does it have to be a json file ?
is there an example ?


No, you can’t!
You can import only json which has exported from this builder.

You can’t import any html files for edit.


Ok, But export function does not work,
Why ?
And where can I get a json file sample ?


Did you install it on your server, and export function doesn’t work? Or it works incorrectly?
Anyway, if you’ll need this function, I recommend to make it from server side!


There was a bug in the html I changed the html markup ng-class was wrong should be !hasChanges()


Nope, this is not a bug, is disabled because you can’t export until you didn’t save it!