How to make configurations


Before run this project, you must make some basic configurations. All configurations are in one file - app/config.js

There’s some of them:

  1. assetsPath - Change this path with your absolute path to assets, there needs to be also all files from ‘app/assets’ folder!
  2. layoutsPath - Change this path if you have another path to your resources!
  3. defaultLayout - Default layout, you can choose from modern and material, all layouts are in layoutsPath folder.
  4. defaultSkin - Choose from dark and light.
  5. urlToUploadImage - Full path to send post request to upload image.
  6. mjmlPublicKey and mjmlApplicationId - If you don’t want to start a nodejs server for compile MJML, then you’ll need a MJML account for activating MJML API, in another case leave these variables blank.
  7. mjmlCompileAdress - Use this variable if you already have a nodejs server and don’t want to use MJML API service - put here absolute URL of ‘compile’ path. You can start server.js or npm start to see hot it works.
  8. UA - Your Google Analytics ID

The rest I strongly recommend to not change, but below I’ll show you how to change them based on frequently questions!
Also if you want to make some changes on blocks elements, you can change them from blocks.
If you need to disable some blocks, just add them to disableBlocks by name, like: ‘title’, ‘button’, ‘text’ …
There’re many of useful configurations, I think you can appreciate them :wink: