How to integrate "Angular MJML Drag & Drop Email Template Builder" in my existing Angular Project?


Hi @wlocal,
I have the same issue as @Vahn84, which is that the three images in a row are displaying wrong. Could you please let us know how to fix this? Thanks


This issue related to jQuery unwrap function, which depend on library version, emailbuilder use 3.1.1 and in our project we use 2.2.4 (,
to fix it we add this code for unwrap, which is used in imageWithLink directive
if ($(elem).parent(‘a’).length > 0) {
or if you can, udate version of jQuery to 3.0 or higher


Thanks for your solution!


Hi Please let me know how can purchase or use this tool in my angular project


Hi @saravanansoft,
For AngularJS version 1, you can find the script here:, but for Angular 5 and above, check the news here:



Hello everyone,
For the 3rd version, which is available already on Codecanyon, there’s an online documentation to take a look in order to install it correctly.