How to implement email builder in existing ASP.NET MVC project?



I have purchased the Email builder with extended license. I have questions though. I have seen in your documentation page that it requires npm packages to be installed. But I dont need that npm packages. My application is built in Asp.Net MVC, so I just want to include js files only and then can show a Email builder in page.
Is that possible?



Hi @neerajk, sorry for my late response, I don’t know how to include this project into an Asp.Net MVC project, but you can include all files from _dist folder and try if it works without installing npm packages.

Anyway, if you’d like to change something, you’ll need to install them.

Let me know what happens on you.

Kind regards,
Ion Prodan


I am able to run Email Builder as you said by copying _dist folder and then by navigating to index.html.

Now I see js files are minified under _dist folder. So, if I want to modify code and html then I need to do this via npm/angular? Right?? And after making changes I can copy files of _dist folder back to MVC project?? Is that the way I need to do??

Also let me know which function is called initially that checks whether the template is saved or not and then load the template if saved previously?



asked in may and didn’t get a reply?
So it is bad support or they helped in other way?



Hi @Daniel_De_Mari,
Here’s only one person who support all these builders, and that person is me!
Sometimes I don’t succeed to support and reply to all posts!

But in this case, the problem is that I don’t know how works, so unfortunately I can’t give some advices!


Hi, I see.
so is there a demo version to try in application before purchase license?
I would not buy a license and than discover it is not compatible with