How to add options on right sidebar


We can create new component on left side bar but how to assign new option on right sidebar, I know that option comes from defaultOptions of each component but how to add entirely new option, suppose just like image1, image2, image3 we want font1 as another font option, so how to achieve that?


Hi there,
After adding additional options in defaultOptions, you should edit also app/builder/builder.html from line 78, you will find there more v-if conditions, check that and add your options there!


Thank You for answer, I can now add new options, please also tell me about how to use different vue plugins there? as package.json for vue is inside bower_component folder so I am unable to use different vue plugins, please guide me to use them. thank you


You can install them via bower and include in common_scripts -> gulpfile.js, also you can include them via cdn in head of page!


But where is common_scripts folder, there is no such directory in my directory structure. please guide me


common_scripts is not a folder, is a task in gulpfile.js, open this file and search it, there’s a list of common plugins, after installing your plugin with bower, add it there, and run gulp common_scripts in your terminal!