How to add and modify building blocks?


Hi, could you please give some guidance how to modify building blocks, for example I need to have two column block without text fields.

Also where to modify default information that is integrated into blocks? For example Lorem impsilum… text.


Hi there,
All default settings and blocks templates are in config.js, look there and try to make your changes!
Let me know!


As I understood if I put app to server all changes has to be done in _dist folder app.min.js file?

Is there somewhere not minified file?


Nope, all changes has to be done in app folder, after you will run gulp command, all changes will be in _dist folder, minified and comprimed - ready for production mode!


I am running gulp command in Terminal windows which is navigated to application folder. Gulp command issues, please comment:

iMac:application Max$ gulp
[23:09:02] Using gulpfile /Volumes/Data 1/Downloads/jq-email-builder-v2.0.0/application/gulpfile.js
[23:09:02] Task ‘default’ is not in your gulpfile
[23:09:02] Please check the documentation for proper gulpfile formatting
iMac:application Max$

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Maksim,
That’s right, there isn’t default task in gulpfile.js, if you need to update _dist folder, run gulp build.
You can check all tasks from application/gulpfile.js.