Droping an element, does not insert the td element


I have integrated the modile into my project
Do u know why when I drop an image element of any kind the

is not inserted to the HTML
causing a bad behavior, this only happens in the image elements
Any ideas ?


Sorry I can’t understand your issue!


Once I drop the image element on the page
the element is created but without the

part of the table and the table does not display good
I have no idea why this happens …
the $templateCache gets the elemet correct but when the angular apply occurs, there is no in the table only
this is the html being created
      <img border="0" align="one_image" image-with-link="" link="element.options.linkTo" style="display: block; max-width: 100%; width: 370px;" ng-style="{width: element.options.width}" alt="" ng-src="http://localhost:41997/Areas/Admin/vendor/email_builder/assets/350x150.jpg" tabindex="0" src="http://localhost:41997/Areas/Admin/vendor/email_builder/assets/350x150.jpg">       


Please leave a screen on how it’s displayed!



That’s because you changed global styles! you did RTL


Ok, Have an idea hoe can I fix this ?
all other elements work perfect, only with image this happens


figured it out, the problem was the link attribute
removed it and everything workd perfect!!
Tnx for a great module


Hi @shai, @wlocal
I have the same issue (please see attached screenshots below). On our website the image is nested in the < tr > tag, while on your demo page it’s in the < td > tag with inline styles. When I remove image-with-link link=“element.options.linkTo” the alignment works, but then the attached image can’t have a link


This issue related to jQuery unwrap function, which depend on library version, emailbuilder use 3.1.1 and in our project we use 2.2.4 (https://api.jquery.com/unwrap/),
to fix it we add this code for unwrap, which is used in imageWithLink directive

if ($(elem).parent('a').length > 0) {

or if you can, udate version of jQuery to 3.0 or higher