"Cannot POST" error when sending Ajax


Since Angular Email Builder’s default image host (uploads.im) stopped allowing new uploads, we had to use our own file server to host images. The problem is that when I replace uploads.im with our own file server’s address, every outbound POST request fails with the same error message: “Cannot POST [Ajax’s URL]”. Every other address also fails with that error. Please provide a solution.


Hi, Tung is my staff, we have bought your plugin in themeforest. Please help us in uploading image on our servers.



Hi @repudigital,
Thanks for reply,
Check this How to save image on your host and if you use PHP here is an example Image Upload Script.


All the documented methods have already been tried, unfortunately. The PHP script is not relevant until the POST request reaches server-side and right now, it cannot. No POST request can reach any address when sent from AEB, that’s the error I’m reporting.


So I have an update: it turns out that the problem may have to do with our office network configuration. I brought our setup to a home network and it ran. So I did a network reset for our office network, then outbound POST requests started being allowed out of AEB’s Node server. I have no idea what exactly blocked outbound POST request pre-reset, but the problem is not with AEB. This issue can be considered resolved now.