"Cannot GET /callback" error with AUTH0


How to remove ’#!’ from url?


Hi, thanks for your topic!

  1. Replace $locationProvider.hashPrefix('!'); from app.js to $locationProvider.html5Mode(true);
  2. Add <base href="/"> in index.html before </head>

Let me know if this solution solves your problem :slight_smile:


i have done it earlier… now affect… changet callback url … now affect… again… again…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
It WORKS!!!:grin:


Didn’t understand, now it works?
This solution works for you?


Problem was: emailbuilder uses ngRoute, Auth0 uses uiroute — mismatch in settings.

work config:

html5 — OFF

callback replaced from “hostURL:port/callback” to “hostURL:port/#/callback”

P.S. turning html5 ON just hides hashtag from URL shown in brouser not from real path - so it does not work for me


Oh, thank you for your solution!
In Javascript you can manipulate only with pushState, but you can configure your server side to return all requests to index.html, look at this article: http://www.codelord.net/2015/05/12/angularjs-how-to-setup-pushstate-with-html5mode/