Can you add structure blocks in Angular js Email Builder too


Hi ,

I noticed that in Angular 6 Email Builder have Structure blocks in the demo,so can you please add that structure blocks in angular js version too(I brought this version).
let me know if this update will be available or not .




Unfortunately this feature won’t be available, because it won’t be supported by old created emails, which were created with previous version.


Hi Ion Pordon,

Thanks for your replay,

  1. If I wont to achieve structure blocks , how can I do?
    Means which part of the code should rewrite.

  2. I am getting error ,when i am starting application , which is like as below

Please let me know how to solve these things .



Hi @vani_priya,

  1. There’s no just one part to rewrite, it’s much complex. You have to understand how it works n order to do that.
  2. Oh, that’s my fault, its a setting for demo website. Remove line 104 which contain { from: '_redirects', to: '' } from webpack.config.js.

Let me know if it’s ok for you.


Hi Ion Pordon,

Thanks for your reply.

It worked.



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