Cache problem in plugin



I register a new newsletter and save.
When I register another news, the previous newsletter continues to appear.
How to solve this cache problem?


Hi, can’t understand you, which newsletter?


The templates that are made by the plugin.
The previous template is always stored in the cache.


Did you create new template and after refresh the old version is showed?
Please leave me a link to see or a video


Here’s a link so you can check:
Until I refresh the page, all the data from the previous template remains.


I can’t import or export anything, can you enable these things for testing?


Could you explain me better? What do you need? Because to repair this cache problem it is not necessary to import or export something.


How can I reproduce your cache problem?


Pretty sure the issue he referring was not caching, the email were saved in localStorage each time you save it, and every time you refresh the page it’ll always load the email back from localStorage, this is the correct behavior, I’m guessing that he’s referring to this :slight_smile:


Maybe, but he said that on registering new template, previous continues to appear!
Isn’t clear what it seems :slight_smile:


Really! The problem was not a cache, but the template saved in localStorage. When cleaning (which was what I needed, even though it was not recommended), my problem was solved. Thank you!