Bug Report: Social Icons element does not update URL when saved


This is a bug that I spotted with the Social Icons element: it does not save the URL of each icon when you save changes. A fix (written by me) is posted below so that it can be incorporated into the next release.
In file app/builder/layouts/material/builder.html, line 122, change into the following (differences are bold):

<input type=“text” id="{{key}}" ng-value=“link.link” ng-model=“currentElement.options.links[key][‘link’]” />

Do the same for app/builder/layouts/modern/builder.html.

The reason for this bug is of course, it was a 1-way data binding in its current state.


Hey @TungGiang, thank you very much for this bug report, I’ll add this implementation to next release!


There’s also another solution, change ng-value=“link.link” to ng-model=“link.link”, which is in my version, is strange why you have ng-value instead of ng-model :wink: