Angular2 with same email tempate



I am looking for drag and drop email template in Angular2.

Please let me know if you are ok with that and your price for same.

Angular5 support

Hi there, thanks for your question!
It depends on your budget and time for developing this project!
Also I need to know how would you use this builder, for selling it or for other cases?

Let me know


Only for my project as wanted to create school marksheet based on drag and drop functionality in angular2.


Can you be more explicit?
How would you use this builder in your project?
Your project will be based on this builder?


Please find attached HTML page for same.


Hm, it’s like to be another project, only drag and drop are the same, I can do it for you, but for telling the price I need to know much more then one screen!

You can leave me a private message with all these details, if you don’t want to be public.


Please give me your personal email is


I left you a message on your email!


Hi, do you have a email template builder for angular 4?


Unfortunately nope, maybe later!


Do you provide all source code or just min? We will try to move it to Angular 4 by our self


Of course all source code! :slight_smile:


Hi We wante dto build the same template in angular 4. Could you please provide us an estimate of time and price? My email is


I’m not decided whether I’ll do it, maybe later! I’ll leave you a message if I’ll make it!


Hi Did you decided? :slight_smile:


Yes, But I didn’t start working yet, I’ve some basic structure but it’s not ready :wink:


great to hear!

I have a request, is it possible to give me your budget. I am having a school student mark sheet datatable. I just need to be able to add to these columns in the email template as a text. And create an email template and save it to a database table (like Template_id and Template_Text).
So when i am running the email engine…these marks should be placed from the table. We are having a project developed in .net core and angular template. We need to implement the your module here.

Could you please let me know your budget and timeline?

This is my email id,

Thanks in Advance


Sorry for my late response!

Sure I could help you, but I don’t work with databases, I just create the builder and all functioning stuff!
Let me write you an email!


I want to start building this script, I’d like to know what preferences do you have for it, also how much would you pay for a Regular License or Extended License!

PS. This reply is for everyone who want this builder in Angular 2.

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Thank you


Hi thanks for your reply and time. please send me an email to my address and your expected budget. I will send you my requirement in detail to you asap.