Angular 8 Email Template Builder

Hi There,

Some times ago I started upgrading my AngularJS Email Builder to the 6th version. Is going to be a great library with many features and a cool UI interface. As you may know, my current Email Builders are sold on Codecanyon, but for this one I’m thinking about a very different way to monetize, also I would like to know your opinion about some dependencies which I’m going to use.

See it in action on Angular Email Builder website.

So let’s begin with dependencies!
For some great UI’s - I’m going to use Angular Material, I think this is the simplest way for you and for me to have it, there’s such good documentation about it and hasn’t been any issues to follow.

Another dependency is, of course, MJML, which will allow us to have some greatest responsive and ready for use everywhere email templates.

There’re other many small dependencies, but these are ones which I would like to know your opinions, please feel free and share them with us.

How I’m going to sell this?
Well, so … I’m going to not sell it at all, at least for Standard License! I’m going to give it to you for FREE, not joking, I know that there will be many people which will use it like an Extended License, but anyway - you’re going to have this for free!

All my work will be available on Github, so you can anytime contribute, and the library which you could install in your existing project will be available on npm registry. So anytime when you need it, you will run an npm install command. Very easy, nope?

What I’m going to sell? I’m going to sell you all API requests to my AWS server, for generating all your email templates.

You’re not OK with this, tell me why?

That’s some thoughts about, looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello everyone,
Thank you all for your thoughts!

I read all your requirements and I ended up with some changes, so all the conditions remain like they were except one - The source code won’t be on public repository, and to have access on this private repo, you’ll need to buy an Extended or Commercial License. I think this is the most right way to keep this builder on the right path!

For the people who want it for free, they could install it from npm registry, but they won’t be able to add some customisations. They will have automatically a Regular license.

Now, let’s speak a bit about licenses, there will be three license Regular, Extended and Commercial! Difference between the first two you can find here. Only Commercial license allows you to sell this Builder as your own with your own brand.

There’re some approximative prices and what they include and not include:



  • Library from npm.
  • Some support on this forum.

Not Include:

  • API Token for generating templates.
  • Access to the source code.
  • Access to MJML source code.
  • Custom Support.

EXTENDED LICENSE - 155 Euro / Yearly.


  • Library from npm.
  • Free API Token for generating templates.
  • Access to the source code.
  • Custom Support. / 1 month, after 50euro/m.

Not Include:

  • Access to MJML source code.

COMMERCIAL LICENSE - 257 Euro / Yearly.


  • Library from npm.
  • Free API Token for generating templates.
  • Access to the source code.
  • Access to MJML source code.
  • Custom Support. / 1 month, after 70euro/m.
  • Ability to sell as your own.

None of these licenses includes some custom work!
All customisations are paid separately!

All payments are processed by Stripe or sent through SEPA accounts.

I thought about all these rules because you asked me, but now I’d like to concentrate more on building this product, I have already something, but you know - there’s a lot of things to make. Hope that very soon I could upload a Demo version for you to see the Layout, UI and more other things - now I’m focused more on-base functions.

Check this topic in order to get an Extended or Commercial License.


I have been waiting for an Angular 6 version for far too long. Really excited to see your work on this. I plan to use this in my SAAS product and would like to manage the backend myself in terms of retreiving and storing templates. Would be great if you could come up with a pricing plan for that. Also, it would be great eif a mobile a dn a tab view could be tested on the editor.


Hi @mohitj83,
Thank for your opinion.

You’ll be able to store email templates, this is not API what would do, the API will receive an object with some configurations and will return an already HTML template, then you can make what you want with it.

This way of implementing will allow us to collaborate more efficiently, because installing and updating to a new version is going to take no more than 2 minutes. That’s what I’m thinking!

Anyway, the price for requests won’t be expensive and you’ll have a trial period to see how fast is that.

Sorry I can’t understand what do you want to say here!

Couple of questions.

  1. May I know when you will release the beta?
  2. Is There any option for Mail merge, may be a custom component in the left hand side tool bar?

I would like to purchase the same for my project with additional functionalities like this. Please quote me we will discuss.


Hi @saravanansoft,

  1. I’m thinking about 2-3 weeks!
  2. What do you mean through ‘Mail Merge’?

I would like to know what additional functionalities do you need, to make it better from beginning!


I thinks its OK as long as we have the code base to tweak and can deploy it ourselves, it should be fine. We just need control over the code base to develop on top of it. Would it work if we do not want to take any email templates from the AWS backend. Do you have any approximate date in mind by when you are planning to release this.

Oh and I was requesting a sample mobile and a tab view of the email template created and also the design is responsive.



Hi Ion Prodan,

Thanks for your email, As per your suggestion I am giving my requirements and thoughts.

We would like to custom build this email builder for our angular 5/6 application. The only additional option we require is some mail merge option (i hope you got what i am referring).

We would like to have a call with you if needed, to talk about the budget and licensing terms. If you already have please send it to us. I will share our company details shortly.

As you told it will be ready in another 2-3 weeks. Shall we expect in Mid of September? Because we are having a product release on mid of September. If your application is ready before that we can incorporate this in our app.

With Warm regards

Hi @saravanansoft and @mohitj83, good to see you again.

I’m trying to do all my best!
I don’t have an approximative date in my mind, but I’m planning to have a Beta version not later than at the end of this month!

I’ve just updated the first post, there you can find some informations about Licenses and prices!

That would be amazing!

Hope to see you soon!

Hey everyone,

I want you to know that I put already a beta version. You can save this link, because there will be live version as well!

Waiting for you suggestions about UI/UX!

Always getting error MJML server is not ready.
Is there any way that we can add our custom text component (mainly to include mail merge tags).
UI is not pleasing as the previous one.


This is not an error, is an info that you can’t compile mjml template yet! Is not ready yet, is in process.

There will be a solution to include custom merge tags in text editor.

You don’t like the UI?

Thanks for your swift reply,

Regarding the look and feel, Yeah the previous one has less number of navigation. this one has more.
But may be its a psychological factor (not coming from the old mood :slight_smile:

But we may be fine with this after using it for some time. May I know when it will be available completely?.


Hi @saravanansoft, in around two weeks, maybe early!
I don’t have so much time because of my regular work!

Hi @wlocal,
We are also planning to use your Angular 6 Email builder, Let me know once it’s available and make it ASAP. Reach me in below mail address.


Would you have a one time fee model for this template? or is it going to be an yearly recurring pricing model? Can we change the source code if we buy the commercial license?

Hi @Saravanakumar,
Is almost ready, today I’m going to make it live for testing output as well!

We’ll be in touch.

Hi @mohitj83,
Yes, there will be only yearly pricing model.

Yes, this license allow you to change the source code, but you have to be careful to not have some conflicts on future updates!

Anyway, for future merging updates, you could use GitHub repository where the source code is located.

Hello everyone,
Now MJML server is ready, waiting for you opinions!

Hi @wlocal,
I want to know about Angular 6 Email builder , Whether it is available now or not.

If released, let me know where we can get.