Adding new custom tools


Hey guys, builder looks promising, wondering if we can add new drag and drop tools that are custom to our application and what would be the general process to do so?


Hi There, thanks for your interest!
If you mean custom blocks, you’ll have to change only two files, one file which contains all blocks configurations and one HTML file where you need to put your UI.
If you’ll give more info about what custom tools you need, maybe I could tell you more about process :wink:

Thank you!



Moving my question from
I have ANGULAR EMAIL BUILDER 07/06/2017 – v2.0.0, so it do not have MJML API……

error in browser: POST 0 ()

error in terminal: /home2/emailbuilder/public_html/app/node_modules/mjml-core/lib/helpers/mjml.js:30 node[‘attributes’] = node[‘attributes’] || {}; TypeError: Cannot create property ‘attributes’ on boolean ‘false’ …

and server stops (started by npm start)

you wrote about 2 files to edit: “one file which contains all blocks configurations” (I guess it is config.js) and “one HTML file where you need to put your UI” (is it builder.html?)

i must to say builder works fine (all custom block are present and can be inserted into email template), but email cannot be saved because post to …/compile fails if custom block is used (if no custom block is inserted it works 100%)